When all else fails, pray

This from yesterday’s Ann Arbor News:

An Ypsilanti City Council member is calling for residents to join in a national day of prayer Thursday, in part because the city could use some divine blessing to help it through its current financial struggles.

“I just believe it’s time for a prayer,” said Council Member Lois Richardson, D-Ward 1. “We need direction from the Lord.”

Richardson said the United States Congress in 1952 designated the first Thursday of May as a day of prayer, and it is time Ypsilanti observed the event.

“We’re struggling financially, the state economy is not doing well, and the nation is not necessarily in good shape,” Richardson said.

Um, okay….  I guess there’s nothing wrong with prayer per se, but if the city of Ypsilanti wants to really do something about the crappy economy, poor services, decaying schools, torn up streets, and other problems plaguing Ypsilanti, I don’t think the solution is to pray.  They don’t call that last desperation pass in football a “Hail Mary” for nothing.

4 thoughts on “When all else fails, pray”

  1. may first? really. not to tip my hand as a communist or anything, but designating international workers day as “prayer day,” in 1952, smacks of something utterly unsavory…

  2. Well, I’m pretty sure it was to take place the same day as the “National” day of prayer (who knew? It was even on my calendar all pre-printed for me!), which was May 3. So no commie stuff.

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