The Strike of 2006: Yeah WEMU, Boo Michigan Public Radio

I just wanted to post a shout-out to WEMU for their very good coverage of the strike to date. If you visit their homepage, they have links to some (all?) of the morning interviews they’ve been doing with folks from both the administration and the union. Great stuff; makes me proud to be a WEMU contributor.

Conversely, I want to give a bit BOOOOOOOO!! to Michigan Public Radio, which has done an unbelieveably piss-poor job of covering the strike at EMU. I know that most Ann Arborites and most of the folks over at U of Michigan don’t even realize that Eastern’s campus is only eight or so miles away from theirs, but this lousy coverage is really unexcusable. For example, this story linked to their web site sounds almost exactly like the EMU press release on homepage. Makes me glad to be a WEMU contributor.

So c’mon, Michigan Public Radio! Chariety Nebbie (SP???), somebody over there, get in the car, make the 10 minute commute to that distant and mysterious land, Ypsilanti, and do a little reporting!

One thought on “The Strike of 2006: Yeah WEMU, Boo Michigan Public Radio”

  1. Thanks for keeping us posted, Steve. I, too, am disappointed that no reports I have heard in the broader media show evidence of any real reporting. I enjoyed your “Talk, don’t walk” audio coverage. Back when I first started reading about the issues, I got all excited about the faculty raising environmental concerns. (Flooding, mold, mildew, etc.) I hoped that some environmental organizations would pick this up and give it some play in a wider audience. (I wonder if this is historic. Have concerns like this arisen in negotiations at other universities?) But now I will be happy if I come across any reports that, well, as you said, REPORT anything.

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