The Strike of 2006: If you want to sign on to my letter…

… just let me know. I’ve received a handful of positive responses (none negative yet), and I’d be more than happy to present this as some kind of electronic petition/letter/etc. I could just add “on behalf of the following people” at the end, and resend a copy of it to the powers that be, to the Fallon and Valvo and the other board of regents, to the Ann Arbor News, whoever.

To be a part of it, do me a favor. Either:

  • Add a comment here with your name (the real one, please!), and how you fit into this picture (professor, adjunct, senior, incoming student, parent, etc.).


  • Send me an email message. My email address is skrause at emich dot edu (obviously, there’s an “@” and a “.” where I say “at” and “dot,” but I get enough spam messages as it is.

6 thoughts on “The Strike of 2006: If you want to sign on to my letter…”

  1. Steve,

    I am a post bach teacher ed. student at EMU. I whole heartedly agree with your letter and agree with your assessment of the situation. I am angry and frustrated at the University for forcing me to choose between supporting the faculty and going to class. I have four classes this semester and only one class is taking place. I have not been to that class yet because I have a strong opposition to crossing the picket line. It seems as if the University and the union are not that far apart but it is impossible to solve problems without communication. I wish the University would open negotiations. Feel free to add my name to your letter.


  2. Hi Steve
    From Alison Bennett
    As both a graduate student and the parent of an undergrad, I feel very strongly that the university needs a shove back in the direction of the bargaining table. You can certainly feel free to add my name as well.

  3. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I am a 5th year undergrad trying desperately to finish up my double major in Anthropology and Psychology and apply to the U of M for grad school in the Fall of 2007. I refuse to go to classes that the administration tells us to attend even though we all know the professors that are on strike. My boyfriend went to one of said classes, only to have a harried, condescending old woman tell them that we all just have to basically be good little peons until this is over. The admins have made it clear that they care very little for all the out of state, struggling students paying exorbitant tuition fees for their Jaguars and yachts while we get nothing in return. Please add my name to your letter, not only as a service to your cause, but as a service to ours as well. Thank you. Feel free to email anytime.–Kristin

  4. As a taxpayer, I would be strongly in favor of FIRING THE LAWYERS and permitting a true battle of the intellects to take place. Faculty wins HANDS DOWN!

  5. I just read the Fallon/Valvo letter to Howard. I’m not sure whether we have strike-/union-busters in charge, or just petty bureaucrats exercising their petty and vindictive desires to humiliate Howard–pretty much proving that the fundamental contempt the faculty claim the administration demonstrates toward them is deadly accurate.

    The claim that the “…Board of Regents takes its responsibilites very seriously” cannot be made at the same time these Regents also claim to have not realized they were funding the House. Only one of those cards can be played.

    I tell the international students who come to me to *please* not confuse my wonderful country with my crappy government. Now, I guess, I need to tell the new and returning students that EMU is much better and stronger than its revolving-door administration(s).

  6. As a professor in the English Department, I am dismayed at the level of intimidation, false and/or misleading information, and general contempt toward faculty the administration and regents have displayed during the current negotiations. I wholeheartedly agree with what Steve has written here, and I think we should definitely send a petition, or a letter, or a manifesto or something to the administration and regents.

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