Rest in peace, crazy Crocodile guy

You’ve probably heard that Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin died. Ironically, his death was kind of a freak accident in that it is really REALLY rare for someone to be killed with a stingray barb. As everyone surly must know, this guy who for years did all this stuff like taunt snakes and alligators and stuff, and my reaction was always “idiot– you’re going to get yourself killed.” And then he gets killed something that was, relatively, pretty safe. Sort of like a cliff diver buying the farm after a jump off the low board at the local pool.

Oh well, RIP, Steve. You gave us some good TV and taught us some stuff about animals. And taught me not to grab rattlesnakes without knowing what I’m doing (good tip).

One thought on “Rest in peace, crazy Crocodile guy”

  1. Who you callin’ surly?

    Thanks for both of your blogs, although getting this kind of perspective on a professor is new and different. Kind of disconcerting, but I like it.

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