More Europe Photos (and Two Movies, too)

Just for some of my millions of curious readers out there: I uploaded some more photos and updated my “Europe 2007” set on Flickr– click here to see the set, or here to go directly to the slide show. Basically, now I include stuff from Germany and Austria.

I also have uploaded a couple of short movies that I took with my camera. There’s this one from Florence, where we’re driving across the river and then come up on the Ponte Vecchio (about 6.3 MB). Then there’s this one from Mittenwald, when a herd of goats came through this touristy lake area. About 4.8 MB. Be sure to note the shepard walking through with his goats.

When I get some time and inclination, I’ll put more of this stuff together into a more complete movie, kind of like thie thing I did for our Museum of Science and Industry trip.

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