Greetings aus (auf?) Deutschland!

Annette and I are in an Internet cafe right now while Will is with her parents/his grandparents/ my inlaws, which is the reason why we came to Mittenwald in the first place. And by “Internet cafe” I really mean “bar,” one that features a bunch of different kinds of games and stuff, inclduing Internet access. Nice computers, though again, a sort of weird interface. The “z” is where the “y” should be.

Anzwaz, here I am able to upload pictures to flickr but not my own server space. Whatever. Here’s some picts with narrative:

There’s much more to tell, but right now, Annette and I need to go meet the Grand-Ps and kinder for dinner. More later….

2 thoughts on “Greetings aus (auf?) Deutschland!”

  1. Hey y’all–
    Looks like great fun. Eat well; gaze upon all lovely mountains. Here are the two German phrases I remember from years of Deutsch, which should really help:
    Wo ist der WC?
    Wie viel kostet das?
    Happy travels! Love the updates.

  2. WOW, does that look fabulous! I hope it’s as spectacular as it seems.

    And remember… no liquids on those airplanes coming home!

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