Some Misc. Web Browsing/Links

I should be spending my morning by wrapping up the grading for English 328 Online, but instead, I’m doing a little web surfing. I’ve come across some interesting links, too:

  • Duke University’s Ad*Access Archive, which is a huge archive of old ads for all kinds of stuff. Very fun and interesting cultural icons– these might be interesting for a fy comp assignment where you ask students to compare ads from the past with the present.
  • Something called Kip, which might make for an interesting software experiment to organize things both in my office/home and on my computers.
  • Reflections (perhaps seasonal?) on the job market here, here, and, on a slightly more cheery note, here (good luck with the new gig, Mike).
  • Yet another reason to buy a Mac

Alright, enough of that stuff. On to wrapping up grades and then on to cooking, including making some ice cream.

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