Spring/Summer Blogging Interim (sort of)

I haven’t been posting here lately for two basic reasons. First, as this, this, and especially this post suggest, my unofficial (eg, “real”) life has been very busy lately. It’s likely to be that way for another week since I’m off to Iowa and then Chicago at the end of this week.

Second, there really isn’t as much going on right now. As is the case everywhere, the spring/summer terms are a quiter time on campus. I have a few meetings with new students here and there, but not even too much of that, really. And it will get a whole lot more quiet around here in about a month; that’s when my online class will be done, and that’s when we’ll be getting ready for our Europe trip in earnest.

Anyway, if you’re curious about my “real” life, go check out those links.

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