Town-skipping carpet?

See this post on the New West End Blog about the closing of Shayani Oriental Rugs on Main Street in Ann Arbor. I don’t really know if these folks are right or not, that this would be a better location for a bar, restaurant, coffee shop, etc., than for a bank. All I know is we bought a nice rug for our living room from these people back in August, and had we somehow been able to wait a few months, we would have probably saved 60-80% on it. Oh well….

One thought on “Town-skipping carpet?”

  1. Steve — they’ve definitely got some nice rugs there (nearly got one myself), but the location is part of the problem. They needed to be closer to Amir’s rugs, not 2 blocks from the CBD. It’s more of a city-wide store than a neighborhood store, which is what a bar or coffee/sandwich shop could be.

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