No April foolin’: first golf of the season

It’s been a pretty crazy week around here. Besides all sorts of stuff having to do with work and with Annette’s work, Will wasn’t in school because of Spring Break. He was over at Rachel and Jim’s house on Monday, though I was on kid patrol on Wednesday this week. While Rachel entertained the children with wholesome time in the park, I took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese. Okay, we did that, but we went to the park after words.

Anyway, Will had a play date with another friend today, and, on a whim, I decided to go play a bit of golf. So I got the clubs out of the garage, and the first thing I discovered is that when the mini-van was stolen back in November, they got something else too: my golf shoes. Oh well; they weren’t that comfortable anyway.

I decided to go out to Hickory Woods, which is a silly little mom-n-pop 9 hole place. The course is surrounded by housing developments, and because the folks who own it stand to make a lot more money dividing the land up into housing lots than by running a golf course, they were going to sell. It was supposed to close up last year. They’re still open though, and according to the woman behind the counter, it’s because the township blocked the sale because of zoning reasons. “We’ll be here for a year, maybe five. Just depends on who comes up with the money to change the zoning,” she said.

I didn’t play a real round of golf per se– just practicing. I didn’t keep score, and I hit two or three balls on just about every hole. I’m basically about as bad as I was before, but not any worse, really.

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