Will the Hoopster

Will the Hoopster
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I’ve been meaning to post this picture of Will for a while, but it’s been a pretty busy week around here….

Will’s basketball league wrapped up last Friday. I believe they won their last game; I know that they finished the season at 3-3, which isn’t bad considering that Will’s team was kind of the “miscellaneous other kids” team of his league. Despite the fact that this league is a bunch of first through third graders, there are actually some teams (coaches and parents, actually) who take this stuff kind of seriously.

Anyway, Will had a great experience, and while he still isn’t that good of a player, he’s better than he was and he had a lot of fun. After the last game, Will’s coaches (who really were just folks who were volunteered at the last minute and were willing to do it) organized a little surprise pizza party/awards ceremony. The picture actually features the rest of the team, but since some people are sensative to their kids showing up on the Internet, I cropped them out.

Next year, on to the final four!

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