Happy birthday to me! I’ll post more later about the joys of my birthday day, but it got off to a great start. The “big surprise” from Annette and Will is both big and a surprise: an iPod, and not just an iPod, but an iPod photo. Pretty cool! Now I need to go play with that thing….

I had a very pleasant birthday day today. We all went to the gym in the morning, but most of the day I spent hanging out and playing with my new iPod photo. You know, I knew in general terms what an iPod does and what it’s for and all that, but now that I’m actually playing around with one, I can really see the point.

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It plays music, of course, and does that really well. I already uploaded the 10 gigs of music I already had on my laptop, and I’m busy importing a bunch of CDs I haven’t bothered to import previously. But it also “syncs” with my address book and my iCal(endar), both of which are applications I’ve been working with a lot lately. It has a function that allows me to upload fairly long notes, about 2 pages of MS Word text, a feature that would be good to keep track of directions or notes I need for a trip or something. Plus this one, an iPod photo, manages photos. The downside is I have to use Annette’s computer to manage the photos since the version of iPhoto on my computer is too old. The upside is, well, I get to manage a set of photos. You can kind of see the view in this photo.

Apparently, there’s a way to do a slideshow on a TV, though I haven’t figured this out yet. Plus this thing has a 30 GB hard drive which I can use as a portable hard drive: hook it up and off I go. Anyway, it’s a great gift and a big surprise from my honey and from the boy.

We went to dinner at the Common Grill in Chelesa. Always great food, though I think Annette and I both over did it quite a bit. You know that scene in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life where the guy explodes? Kinda like that.

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  1. Kenny Thomas says:

    happy brithday to you!

    cool, i mean the ipod photo, i also made ipo photos!

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