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It’s been a pretty crazy week around here, which is why I haven’t posted much of anything. Just to hit a couple highlights:

* I went to New York City “on business” Monday and Tuesday– details about what business I was on later on. I had a very nice meal with our friend Annette S. at a place called The Turkish Kitchen. Turkish food, it turns out, is pretty much the same as Greek food, though I am certain that neither Turks nor Greeks feel this way. Anyway, really good appetizers and desert, pretty good entrees.

* I got snowed in on Tuesday night in NYC. Fortunately, I figured this out before I went out to the airport, so I was able to have a comfy night in a comfy hotel. Unfortunately, I had to get up at 3:30 am on Wednesday to catch a 6 am flight back home. And just to add to the challenge of it all, I had to teach Wednesday night.

freakin’ more snow
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* And ENOUGH WITH THE SNOW ALREADY! I haven’t been out yet (but I have to walk the dog pretty soon), but it looks like we had two or so inches last night, which I think means we’ve set a record for local snow fall for the year. Jeesh. Here’s a picture looking out the window of my study/guest room at the back yard at it.

* Oh, and to top it all off: instead of dieting, I’ve been stress eating for the last month, and, because of things like going to New York, I’ve managed to eat out quite a bit lately, too. This morning, I feel particularly bloated, and, because I have a nasty cold, I feel quite icky. It ain’t good.

I’m going to postpone getting back on the diet wagon for at least a week because I’m going to San Francisco for a convention. But when I get back home, I’m going back to the South Beach diet. I know, I know, some say it’s a fad and all that, and I did get to a point last time when I was on it when I just got “stuck.” But all I know it’s the only thing I’ve ever done where I’ve actually lost some weight. Stay tuned for more adventures in dieting….

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