Mr. Blogger responds (sort of)

Loyal readers will recall that late last month, I posted about an email I sent to Blogger Headquarters feedback page suggesting that they change the software so that users can set up categories for posts. As I promised in that post, if I received a response, I would post it here.

So here’s the message I received this morning:

Hi there,

I’m afraid we don’t currently have a category feature. However, we are
constantly working on improving Blogger, so we will certainly keep this in
mind for the future. Thanks for the input, and thanks for using Blogger!


Blogger Support

(Deep sigh.) Duh, I knew that! That’s why I asked! Maybe they really will roll that out in the future though.

Still, I doubt I’m going to make a big jump to something else anytime soon. This is one of those big “crunch times” of the year, where I have a ton of reading and prepping to do for my teaching, where I seem to have meeting after meeting to attend, and where I have literally four different scholarly projects just screaming at me to get done with them. I don’t have the time right now to tweak the CSS on this site, let alone learn something like wordpress or drupal or whatever. Maybe at the the end of the term….

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