Dr. Steven D. Krause

Professor, Department of English Language and Literature
Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
skrause at emich dot edu


PhD Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio
Rhetoric and Writing, 1996
Dissertation: The Immediacy of Rhetoric: Definitions, Illustrations, and Implications. Alice Calderonello, Director.
MFA Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia
Creative Writing– Fiction, 1990
Thesis: That Moment of Stillness and Other Stories. Lee Smith, Director.
BA University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa
English Literature, 1988

Academic Positions

Eastern Michigan University

  • Fall 2007 to Present:  Professor
  • Fall 2002 to Fall 2007:  Associate Professor
  • Fall 1998 to Fall 2002:  Assistant Professor

Southern Oregon University

  • Fall 1996-Fall 1998:  Assistant Professor



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Journal Editing:

World Wide Web:

  • The Process of Research Writing.   This self-published and open access textbook is the result of a publishing deal that fell through. It’s used by many first year writing teachers around the world.


  • “Twilight in Iowa” (Short Story) Ambergris, Cincinnati, OH. November 1993.
  • “Wayne F. Kennedy” (Short Story) Ambergris, Cincinnati, OH. (Winner of the journal’s Annual Fiction Award.) November 1991.
  • “Ellen Jane” (Short Story) Anthology of Short Fiction, Belgrade, Yugoslavia. 1991.
  • “Big Boxes” (Short Story) Review La Booche, Volume 5, Columbia, MO. July 1990.
  • “Haircut” (Short Story) The Eavesdropping of Silence: Anthology of Short Fiction. Belgrade, Yugoslavia. 1989.


Recent Invited talks:

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Recent Workshops:

  • “MOOCs and Basic Writing,” presented at “Open Futures? Basic Writing, Access, and Technology: Council on Basic Writing Pre-Conference Workshop,” Conference on College Composition and Communication, March 19, 2014


Graduate Courses at EMU include:  Writing 621: Research in Theory and Practice in Writing; Writing 596: Teaching Composition at the College Level; English 527: Writing Digital Media; Writing 516: Computers and Writing, Theory and Practice; and Writing 505: Rhetoric of Science and Technology.

Undergraduate Courses at EMU include: Writing 444: Writing for the  Web; Writing 354: Critical Digital Literacies; Writing 328: Writing, Style, and Technology; Writing 323: Writing in the Professional World; and English 121: Composition and Rhetoric.

Courses at SOU included: English 495/595: Topics in Film: Movies about Movies; English 300: Introduction to Literary Criticism; Writing 450/550: Writing as a Profession; Writing 227: Technical Writing and Editing; and Core 101, 102, and 103: The First Year Colloquium.

Administrative Experiences

  • Fall 2017 to Summer 2018, Winter 2011 to Summer 2014, Winter 2006 to Summer 2008: Writing Program Coordinator, EMU
  • Fall 2015 to Summer 2017: Associate Director, First Year Writing Program, EMU
  • Fall 2006 to Spring 2007:  Interim Director of the First Year Writing Program, EMU
  • Fall 1998 to Spring 2002:  Department Computer Lab and Technology Coordinator, EMU
  • Fall 1997 to Spring 1998: Writing Center Coordinator, SOU
  • Fall 1996 to Summer 1997: Writing Program Coordinator, SOU

Academic Service

Review & Boards

  • Winter 2012-Winter 2014: Editorial Reviewer, College Composition and Communication.
  • Summer 2011 to present:  Editorial Reviewer, Computers and Composition.
  • Winter 2011:  Conference Proposal Reviewer, 2011 Computers and Writing Conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Spring 2010:  First-level reviewer for the Conference for College Composition and Communication, Atlanta, GA
  • Spring 2010-Winter 2011:  Member, advisory board, 2011 Computers and Writing Conference, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Winter 2007:  Conference Proposal Reviewer, Computers and Writing Conference, Detroit, MI
  • Fall 2003:  Conference Proposal Reviewer, Computers and Writing Conference, Honolulu, HI
  • Fall 1995 – Fall 1999: Editorial Board Member, Kairos, a WWW-based electronic journal about writing, rhetoric, and pedagogy

Select Committees

  • Fall 2012-Winter 2013: Chair, Associate WPA/Assistant Professor in Rhetoric and Writing Search, English Language and Literature, EMU
  • Fall 2010-Winter 2011:  Member, Department Head Search, English Language and Literature, EMU
  • Fall 2008-Winter 2009: Chair, Computers and Writing Search, English Language and Literature, EMU
  • Fall 2006 to Winter 2010, Fall 2004 to May 2005:  Member, Department Personnel Committee, English Language and Literature, EMU
  • Fall 2005-Winter 2006:  Member, Associate Director of First Year Writing Search, English Language and Literature, EMU
  • Fall 2004 to Winter 2006:  Department representative, Eastern Michigan University Faculty Council
  • Winter 2003 to Summer 2003:  Member-at-large, EMU-AAUP Executive Committee, EMU