A few misc. links on a Sunday morning….

I think I need to revisit my RSS software because I don’t think Safari is doing it for me. Maybe I’ll shift the whole regular reads blogs to bloglines; maybe I should buy some kinda software. But that’s something I’ll do in May or so (along with updating the look of this blog and about 100 “to do” list items). In the meantime, a few links I came across this morning I need to look at more in the near future:

On with what promises to be a very busy Sunday….

One thought on “A few misc. links on a Sunday morning….”

  1. I’ve only experimented with it, so I can’t comment much about it, but if you happen to be using Thunderbird as your email client, it has an RSS reader built in. The one annoying feature I did find in it is that it includes HTML versions of the feed items by default. Makes it kind of slow until you switch it over to plain text.

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