Stupid Hawkeyes

No time to write right now– I’m preparing for my pre-40 birthday party (details coming soon, I am sure)– but I just had to post something about the stupid Iowa Hawkeyes who are out of the NCAA tourney in the first round for the second time in as many years.

Stupid Hawkeyes.

Since they won the Big Ten championship and looked to be playing well, I figured, hey, what the hell, I’ll pick ’em to go all the way to the final four. Messes up my brackets good. Actually, the same kind of messing up appears to be the case with lots of brackets of big ten fans, what with MSU and Wisconsin losing, too. Still, I say:

Stupid Hawkeyes.

There’s rumors about that Alford is going to go to Indiana. That’d be okay with me. It might make the Hawkeyes less, uh, stupid.

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  1. Hi
    We had a really good time last night. Sorry we couldn’t stay later. I wanted to come back, but by the time I got the kids settled down and everything, it just wasn’t gona work.

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